12 Days of Christmas

On the 11th Day of Christmas …

winter6Jingle Bells

White Christmas

Joy to the World!

Mary, Did You Know?

I’ll Be Home For Christmas

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas


Those are just a few of my favorite Christmas songs. What are yours?

Only one day left, so I hope you have your shopping finished and can relax with family and friends to enjoy the holidays. My post is short and simple today. Share with your friends and leave a comment. Tell us what your favorite Christmas songs are and why if you want to share more.

I’ll draw tomorrow for an autographed copy of Winter’s Magic!

Merry Christmas!

12 Days of Christmas

On the 10th Day of Christmas …

I can’t believe we’re already on the 10th day, can you?  I’m still trying to get all of the presents wrapped before we head out to all of our Christmas Eve events tomorrow.

Today, we’re highlighting a new release by Victoria Pinder.  I hope you like Sci Fi and Fantasy.

TheZostraAffair500x700The Zoastra Affair just released this weekend.

A hundred years from now, Earth has trading partners with alien beings, mostly humanoid. However, going into space brought forth an unknown enemy who attacks Earth at will.

The Zoastra is part of the Earthseekers, an organization originally designed to go into space. Its new mission is to find Earth’s enemies.

Ariel is stuck on a Victorian planet and steals Grace’s body and life to get off the planet. Grace must get her body back before Ariel bonds with Grace’s husband, Peter. Then there is Cross, the man on a mission to find those who killed his family. Ariel is attracted to Cross, but she’s stolen someone’s life.

For today’s contest, we’re stepping out of the Christmas theme a bit. Tell me what your all time favorite book is.  Tell me what you look for in a book, despite the genre.  Tell me what makes you pick up a book by an author you’ve never heard of – what makes you give them a chance? You’ll earn an entry for each piece of information you share.

The winner of today’s contest will receive a free eBook copy of The Zoastra Affair.  Spread the word, share with a friend.  We only have 2 days left until Christmas!

Yesterday’s winner is Jill Collins.  Be looking at your email in-box this evening for your Starbucks gift card.

Merry Christmas!

12 Days of Christmas

On the 9th Day of Christmas …  We’re going to share recipes for easy holiday treats!

I have two cheese ball recipes that you and your guests will love.

First is a ham cheese ball:

1 package cream cheese softened                                                                                            3 green onions chopped fine                                                                                                  6-8 oz ham chopped fine. I prefer smoked or black forest.                                                   1-2 splashes of Worcestershire, more or less to taste

Using a fork, smash & stir all ingredients until they are mixed well. (Optional: You can chop pecans, cashews or almonds and either mix with other ingredients or roll chilled ball in mixture to create a light coating.) Place in decorative bowl or plate and surround with Townhouse, Wheat Thins, or Club crackers.

Next, is a chocolate chip cheese ball. (Yes, I said chocolate, yum yum)

1 package cream cheese softened                                                                                         1/2 cup butter, softened                                                                                                       3/4 cup confectioner sugar                                                                                                      2 Tablespoons light brown sugar                                                                                             1 splash of vanilla                                                                                                             Miniature chocolate chips – light or dark.                                                                                   Chopped pecans, candied pecans, cashews, peanuts or almond                                    Optional: dried cranberries chopped extra fine

Combine the butter and cream cheese, either with a fork or hand mixer, until smooth.  Blend in confectioner sugar, brown sugar, and vanilla.  Next, mix chocolate chips and chopped nuts into the mixture, starting with a small amount and adding more gradually to desired strength.  (Optional chopped cranberries can be added at this time as well) Chill for 2 hours, shape into a ball, then roll in remaining chocolate chips and nuts.  Place in decorative bowl or plate and serve with graham crackers or chocolate wafers.

I hope you and your guests enjoy these yummy snacks.  For today’s contest, tell us what your favorite holiday treat is. Share a recipe if you’d like. Tell your friends to stop by and join in. Everyone who comments will be entered into today’s drawing for a $5 Starbucks gift card.

Yesterday’s winner is Crystal B. I’ve already sent you a link to your gift – the eBook copy of By Love’s Honor Bound.  Congratulations!

Merry Christmas!