Fantastic Friday

Fall is for Thanksgiving

While we should be thankful every day, fall is a time of concentrated reflection, where we can look back at the year and count our many blessings. And though our memories will also stumble on some of the non-blessings that have occurred, I hope that those are few and overshadowed by the overwhelming happy moments that have touched your life.

Today I’m thankful for laughter. Couldn’t we all use a little Fantastic Friday laugh to start the weekend?  Here goes:

I recently picked up a copy of 511 Things Only Women Understand by Lorraine Bodger. Some of my favorites are listed below. I hope you enjoy.

Only Women Understand:

  • Amortization: If you wear that three-hundred-dollar suede jacket thirty times, it costs only ten dollars per wearing.
  • That running out of coffee, panty hose, mascara, and gas on the same morning is enough to send you back to bed for the rest of the day.
  • Why it’s unhelpful for your boyfriend or husband to point out that you’ve gone off your diet when you have.
  • Why a woman cannot have too many pairs of black slacks.
  • How to look as if you’re listening attentively while you’re actually planning your grocery list in your head.
  • That finding a pair of perfectly fitting jeans approaches having a religious experience.
  • The alarming difference between 120 pounds and 121 pounds.
  • The tone of your girlfriend’s telephone voice when she means: He’s in the room, so I can’t talk about that right now.
  • Why it makes perfect sense to wear toe-crushing, arch-defying, exquisitely beautiful pumps.
  • The difference between pants, regular pants, nice pants, good pants, and dressy pants.
  • Why it’s essential to pack your makeup case in your carry-on bag , not in your luggage.
  • That it’s impossible to own too much good jewelry. Or even too much bad jewelry.
  • How to ask for directions.

Have a wonderful weekend. Be thankful. Laugh and smile every moment that you possible can.