12 Days of Christmas

On the 5th & 6th Day of Christmas

I apologize for not getting a post out yesterday. Unexpected life issues came up and I couldn’t get to my computer. But fear not – I will simply offer two prizes today!

Today’s feature:  I’m excited to announce Award Winning Romance Author Shauna Allen’s newest release. Book #3 in her Cupid Chronicles just went on sale yesterday, exclusive on Amazon.

WoundedWings3_850 2

Wounded. Judged harshest by his own heart after the greatest of sins, Elijah Smith imposes the most brutal of punishments upon himself. He is now a fallen angel, cast down by his own hand—lost, suffering, caught between two worlds, and searching for redemption.

Scars. Scarred emotionally and physically, Naomi Evans has always put her happiness aside to repay her debt to the one who saved her. Never quite fitting into her friendly little town after being abandoned as a child, she’s not sure love will ever find her aching heart.

Redemption. New Destiny, Arizona will never be the same. Two strangers have rolled into town, shaking Heaven and Earth. One, a handsome loner is temporarily stranded and biding his time, quietly bestowing random acts of kindness on total strangers until he can be on his way. The second, an undercover Cupid named Michael, is determined to bring healing and true love.

His assignment? A fallen brother and his equally wounded soulmate.

Will Naomi be able to see past both their scars? Can Elijah ever forgive himself? Is such redemption possible?

Inked by an Angel

TheHaloEffect_2_850 (2)And don’t forget the first two books in the Cupid Chronicle Series:

Inked by an Angel

The Halo Effect

Both also exclusive on Amazon

Congratulations to ELF for winning the $5 Starbucks gift card. I’ll be emailing that to you this evening or tomorrow morning.

Today’s prizes will be an eBook copy of Inked by an Angel and an eBook copy of The Halo Effect. To enter, go to Shauna’s website – on the home page she lists 3 things everyone should know about her.  Each of the three items you tell me gets you a drawing entry.  Share on Facebook and Twitter for extra points.  Then come back tomorrow to find out who won.

12 Days of Christmas

On the 4th Day of Christmas … we really need more commenters! Show your friends some love and spread the word. Every day is a different giveaway with the grand finale coming on Christmas.

Today, we’re highlighting Letty James and her Hot Shoppe Series.  Two sizzling short stories that will have you feeling all warm & tingly no matter how cold it is outside!

Molly Cartwright is stunned when sexy musician Gavin Fouchet whips out a pen and proceeds to demand a list of her preferences for a man. Molly finds she can’t help mentioning every single one of Gavin’s tempting attributes. Too bad he’s way too young for her.

When Gavin tricks Molly into a date, she doesn’t expect more than a one-night stand. Can Gavin persuade her that there’s more to him than what meets the eye?

When developer Stowe Hampstead shows up at Claire Fouchet’s coffee shop, she can’t decide if she wants to slam the door in his face or … It’s a difficult choice when the devil is so attractive, but he’s just the type of man her mama taught her to hate.

Stowe’s got a secret. He knows The Hot Shoppe is in trouble. But he wants more than just the historical property—he wants Claire—in every possible way. Can he convince her that a partnership will solve all of their problems?

GIVEAWAY  To enter, all you have to do is visit Amazon and use their ‘look inside’  feature to preview The Hot Shoppe. In the very first paragraph of Delightful, Molly is complaining to her girlfriends that her date from the previous night didn’t like to do … what? Tell me how old Molly is (just 2 paragraphs later) and I’ll give you a second entry. Want to spread the word?  Share on Facebook and Twitter and get an extra entry for each.

Today’s prize – a $5 Starbucks gift card.  So, if you read the first three paragraphs to find entry answers and you just can’t stop reading – go ahead and grab yourself a copy of The Hot Shoppe. You don’t have to wait and see if you’ve won to start reading.

Yesterday’s winner – Gianna. I’ll be sending you an Amazon link for Blind Allegiance later today. I know you’re going to love it!

Good Luck & Merry Christmas!

Celebrate the Season

WintersMagic2_850Celebrate the Season!

Christmas is here and all of my friends and family know this is my favorite time of year. I love the cold, the snow, the trees and lights, the family time, and the opportunity to give gifts to those we love.

So, this weekend I’m offering the Kindle edition of Winter’s Magic (book #1 in my Music City Hearts series) for $.99.

If you haven’t picked up a copy yet, grab one today. The sale ends Sunday night.

But that’s just the start! 

Last year’s Twelve Days of Christmas was so successful, I’m doing it again.  Starting next weekend, December 14th, I’ll be holding daily giveaways.  Anyone like free books?  Starbucks and Amazon cards?  Every day will be something different, so stop by, leave a comment, and help me spread some Christmas cheer.

Merry Christmas!