Magnificent Monday

One of my favorite authors is here today with the third book in her Viking series. It’s the best so far – I know you’re going to love it!

Blind Redemption by Violetta Rand

CoverTrue redemption is earned, not given . . .

The past is something he’d sooner forget . . .

Aaron McNally hates his past. Banished for betrayal, he trades his tartan for a Norwegian title and sword to win back his honor.

She has a warrior’s heart . . .

It’s difficult for Kara Dalgaard to act like a lady, even when her father demands it. After the handsome Jarl Aaron McNally arrives at her home recruiting for the king’s army, she’s forced to participate in a cruel deception to humiliate him. She quickly regrets what she’s done.

However, duty comes before happiness.

Aaron wants a second chance at life—and Kara is everything he’s dreamed of. But the past always has a way of catching up.

Will Kara trust or condemn him to a life of loneliness?

second author picVioletta Rand holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Policy and a master’s degree in Environmental Management. Serving as an environmental scientist in the state of Alaska for over seven years, she enjoys the privilege of traveling to remote places few people have the opportunity to see.

Violetta has been in love with writing since childhood. Struck with an entrepreneurial spirit at a young age, she wrote short stories illustrated by her best friend and sold them in her neighborhood. The only thing she loves more than writing is her wonderful relationship with her husband. She enjoys outdoor activities, reading whatever she can get her hands on, music, and losing herself in the worlds she enjoys bringing to life in the pages of her stories.

Other books in the Blind series: (click on the picture for a link directly to Amazon)

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What’s New Wednesday

I’m very excited to have one of my sister Soul Mate Publishing authors on my blog today, sharing with us her newest e-book release and talking about some of the interesting things she learned through her historical research.

Unconquerable Callie by DeAnn Smallwood

NBtM Unconquerable Callie Book Cover Banner copy

Callie Collins, a proud woman in the late 1800’s, is a liar and a darned good one, a master of the dubious art. She is also a dreamer. Her greatest hope is to reach a new life in South Pass City Wyoming, where she can open a bakery and live an independent life. To be successful, she will need her greatest gifts of deception to date. As a woman alone, she has to prove to Seth McCalister, the wagon master, that she has the wherewithal (a wagon and a set of oxen), the stamina to survive months of drought, dust, hardships and even risk of death, and a mythical fiancé who waits at the end of the line. McCallister is uneasy, but also mystified by the audacity and determination of the young woman. He allows her to join the train west. What he doesn’t realize is there is no fiancé. To make matters worse, Callie is in love with Seth McCallister, too. For the first time, the lies that have brought her so far in life threaten to keep her from her one, true love. McCallister is a man of strong character and Callie feels certain that once he realizes her deception, he’ll turn away, ashamed of his love and trust in her.

NBtM Unconquerable Callie Banner copy

DeAnn will be awarding a $25 Barnes & Noble GC to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour. You can follow her tour HERE. the more you comment, the more chances of winning.

About DeAnn’s Historical Research

MEDIA KIT Author PhotoI love researching my historical romances. I can get lost during this time period. I really think I must have lived then. I found so many interesting things as I tracked the wagon train along the Oregon Trail from Independence Missouri to South Pass Wyoming.  I did find I had to keep going back over the route so I wouldn’t have the train moving along too fast or getting the landmarks out of order.

One interesting piece of research was the pioneer toys. I told about Seth making a  whimmydiddle in Unconquerable Callie. A whimmydiddle was made from two sticks. One has a spinning propeller at the end. Both sticks are grooved. When you rub the two together quickly, the propeller spins.  Another toy was called a bullroarer. The child would spin the flat piece of wood on a string around and around above their head. When spun fast enough, the bullroarer would make a loud, roaring noise.

I had a good time researching how much food was needed and tried to imagine taking 150 pounds of flour, 100 pounds of coffee, 350 pounds/barrel of water, 100  pounds of dried beans, 100 pounds of dried fruit, 100 pounds split peas, 25 pounds of vinegar and 50 pounds of salt to mention just a few items. Then imagine storing it in a wagon and yet have room for household items and a place for the family to sleep. These were strong people and the women braved untold hardships.

Unconquerable Callie, is filled with historical facts while a tender love story is interwoven. I have to say, Callie is my ideal. She’s truly an unconquerable woman.


I live in Colorado with my husband and my two Yorkie kid dogs: Stormy, four pounds, and Eli, six pounds. I’m a native of Colorado, but I’ve lived several years in Wyoming and Montana.  I draw from these beautiful states for most of my books. My historical romances are: Montana Star, Sapphire Blue, Unconquerable Callie, and Wyoming Heather.  Tears In The Wind is a contemporary romance. I have just contracted for another historical romance, One Shingle To Hang. It will be published fall of 2014. Then I changed genres from my beloved romances and wrote, under the pen name of D. M. Woods, my first suspense/thriller: Death Crosses The Finish Line. The second book in this ‘death’ series, Death Is A Habit, came out January 8th, this year. I am currently working on the third book in the ‘death’ series, Death Walks C Dock.  I am also working on another historical romance, Montana Man. Truly, I mean it when I say my greatest pleasure next to writing is having my books read and enjoyed. There are many more stories just waiting to be written.

Find out more about DeAnn by connecting with her on Facebook or on her Website

Unconquerable Callie is available exclusively on Amazon.

Magnificent Monday

I hope everyone had a wonderful first week to the New Year!  Lots of resolutions made – hopefully not broken yet.  Reading lists started, during those last few vacation days.

For my first Magnificent Monday of the year, I’m highlighting a new book by Darcy Flynn. If you follow my blog, you saw Sealed With a Kiss in December, a prequel to Keeper of My Heart. Darcy is back in January with a new stand-alone book called Rogue’s Son. Isn’t the cover just awesome!


Tough and driven, Kit Kendall replaced frills and dresses with no-nonsense haircuts and wranglers years ago. As owner of Sage Brush, the once-thriving West Texas bed and breakfast ranch, she now struggles daily to keep her business afloat. Since McCabe Lodge reopened next door as a multi-million-dollar resort, her financial difficulties compound, as she suffers one cancellation after another.

Just when she thought things couldn’t get any worse, Kit’s former neighbor and childhood nemesis returns as the new owner of the resort that’s now putting her out of business.

Sam Dawson, cowboy turned entrepreneur, has returned to Sugar Creek after six years of exile with a secret that could destroy Kit’s happiness. He left town because of it and for the past two years has secretly tried to make it right. Having failed, he now returns to make one last attempt to undo the tangled web created by his father.

Set in motion by his father’s will and with the clock ticking, Sam has only weeks to convince Kit to sell him her ranch or reveal the truth that will break her heart.

DarcyFlynn picSweet romance author, Darcy Flynn’s life is a gumbo world. Take a little New Orleans heritage, some art, music, dance and add a lot of love and time to simmer and all you have is spice, flavor, and a memory of something so fine you can’t wait for another helping. Her fiction is a few B&Bs, a couple lighthouses, a bit of moon magic and a lot of problems mixed with a healthy portion of sweet romance. Add a dash of sizzle and a lot of sass and all that’s left is magic.

Darcy’s debut novel, Keeper of My Heart is a finalist in InD’Tale Magazine’s RONE Awards. Visit Darcy at Follow Darcy on: Facebook Twitter.

This is definitely a book to add to your reading list!  Grab a copy today, exclusive on Amazon.