12 Days of Christmas Giveaway Day 5 & 6

Today is the third day of participation in the Holiday Gifts of Love Blog Hop. We’ve had a lot of visitors and it’s great to meet so many new people!

Holiday Gifts of Love Blog HopDay 5 & 6 Giveaways:

1 e-book copy of Wren’s Fantasy by Tracy Hewitt Meyer

1 e-book copy of Miss Merry’s Christmas by Callie Hutton

1 e-book copy of The Cheyenne Bride by J.J. Devine

2 $5 Soul Mate Publishing gift certificates

Today we’re going to focus on our men and women in the service.

One of my best friends’ responses to the What are you asking Santa for this year question was this, “I’m Asking Santa to use his magic to bring all our boys in the military home to their loved ones who are praying for their safe return.”

Every one of us is effected by our troops being overseas, whether it’s a friend or family member. Last Christmas, my brother-in-law was half way through his fourth tour-of-duty, his third Christmas away from family since he and my sister married just seven years ago.

So today is a tribute to our soldiers. If you have a friend or family member away from home these holidays, list them in your comment. Give us their name, branch of service, and where they are stationed if you feel comfortable sharing.  We would like to thank them for their service and lift them up in our prayers.  I’ll leave this post up for two days so that we can gather as many names as possible.

Three Ways To Enter:

1.  Leave a comment lifting up those in the service – it can be a general statement or specific to those in your life.

2.  Facebook and Tweet to your friends about this posting.

3.  Bring a friend to the party. Anyone leaving a comment that tells me you sent them, they’ll get an entry and you’ll get a bonus entry.

Yesterday’s Winners:

Read It All Book Reviews – Weighting For Mr. Right e-book

Elf – Holly & Ivey e-book

Cindy Woolf – $5 Soul Mate Gift Certificate

Have Fun – Spread the Word

Come Back Tomorrow – See Who Won – Enter Again

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Thursday Thunder Contest Winner

A big thank you to everyone who participated in my contests this week.

It’s been great fun and I hope it inspired you to pick up a copy of Winter’s Magic.

$4.99 ebook, available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Soul Mate Publishing. I hope you enjoy.

Everyone give a big cheer! In the midst of all the contest excitement, my first official review came out this week:

“WINTER’S MAGIC has good  dialogue and a compelling romance and a story that is both heart warming and  magical.  Stave off the winter blues with WINTER’S MAGIC” – Romance Reviews Today

The winner of Thursday Thunder was Sue Bandes. Another Cheer !!!

Sue, I have your email address – I just need to know if you want the Kindle or Nook version and I’ll send you the link to download Miss Merry’s Christmas today.

One last item – Don’t forget about Winter’s Magic release day party being held on Facebook today. Release Day Diva has a ton of games and prizes ready for participants and winners. Go to THIS LINK from 2pm-5pm CST and jump in the fun.

Good luck!

Thursday Thunder Contest

This is the last contest for the week, because tomorrow afternoon is my on-line Facebook Release Day Party, hosted by Release Day Diva.  3pm-6pm EST. This is the place to be for games, great prizes, and drawings. I’m so excited because we have over 200 fans signed up to attend. I hope you’re one of them. I know most people work through the afternoon, but pop in and participate for as long as you can.

For today’s contest, I’m giving away a copy of Callie Hutton’s newest e-book, Miss Merry’s Christmas. I’m over on her blog today being interviewed, so I thought this might be a nice tie-in. You’ll have to check out my interview to get the answers below.

Three questions – each is worth one entry:

1. What was the original name of Winter’s Magic?

2. What are some ways that I like to relax? I list many, you just have to name one.

3. In the excerpt, to what event does Nick invite Beth to attend with him and his grandfather?

Do you want another bonus? Share this post on Facebook and twitter for one extra point each. We’ll have to work on the honor system here, but I can actually tell how many shares have gone out. : )

To enter, go to MY ‘contact me’ page above and send me a note with your answers.

Good Luck – Have Fun!  Share & Tweet.

I’ll allow entries until NOON cst on Friday 11/2 and post the winner as quickly as I can.

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