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Megan Frampton’s Dukes Behaving Badly series is back, though this time it’s an earl who’s meeting his match in this delightfully fun and sexy novella!

What’s a lovely young woman doing asleep in his bed? Matthew, Earl of Selkirk, is shocked to discover it’s his new housekeeper! She’s a far cry from the gray-haired woman he expected. Matthew is no fan of surprises, and Annabelle Tyne is pure temptation. Perhaps he shouldn’t have had her hired sight unseen.

Annabelle, co-owner of the Quality Employment Agency, is no housekeeper, but she wasn’t about to lose a potential client simply because there was no one to fit the bill. Imagine her shock when the Earl arrives at his London townhome and she’s awoken in the night by the most attractive man she’s ever seen.

Matthew is a man who lives life by the rules, but sometimes rules are made to be broken…and being bad can be very, very good.

Review to come.

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MeganFrampton2About the Author

Megan Frampton writes historical romance under her own name and romantic women’s fiction as Megan Caldwell. She likes the color black, gin, dark-haired British men, and huge earrings, not in that order. She lives in Brooklyn, NY, with her husband and son.

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Terrific Tuesday

The Governess Club:  Book #3 Sara Book #4 Louisa by Ellie MacDonald


Sweet Sara Collins is one of the founding members of the governess club. But she has a secret… She doesn’t love teaching. She’d much prefer to be a vicar’s wife and help the local community. But this quiet mouse doesn’t want to upset her friends, and she resolves to help in whatever ways she can.

Nathan Grant is the embodiment of everything that frightens Sara. Which is why she can’t understand why the handsome but reclusive and gruff man is so fascinating to her. When Sara decides it’s time to take a chance and experience all that life has to offer, Nathan is the first person she thinks of.

Will Sara’s walk on the wild side ruin her chances at a simple, happy life? Or has she just opened the door to a once-in-a-lifetime chance of passion?

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Louisa Brockhurst is on the run – from her friends, from her family, even from her dream of independence through The Governess Club. But sometimes it’s easier for her to hide from those she loves in order to escape the secrets of her past.

Handsome but menacing John Taylor is a former prize-fighter turned inn-keeper who is trying to make his way in society. When Louisa shows up at his doorstep he’s quick to accept her offer to help – at a price. He knows that she’s hiding something and he can’t help his protective instincts around the beautiful woman.

Their attraction grows, but will headstrong, fiery Louisa ever trust the surprisingly kind John enough to tell him the dangerous secrets from her past that keep her running? Or will the power of her feelings scare her into running yet again?

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Ms. MacDonald is giving away a digital set of The Governess Club Books #1 & #2: Claire & Bonnie to two lucky commenters over the tour. Click HERE for Rafflecopter.

The-Governess-Club-Ellie-Macdonald (3)

An Excerpt from Louisa (Follow the full TOUR for more teasers)

With a shrug, he scaled the ladder until he could swing up onto the roof. He leaned over to watch her ascent. Pressing her lips together, she held her skirts up by one hand and the other clasped the wood of the ladder. Leaning in to compensate for her one-handed rise, she climbed up rung by rung, using the heels of her shoes to secure herself more firmly to the ladder. When she reached the top, he offered her his hand, which she refused until she noticed that half the roof was missing. Deciding the loss of pride was preferable to the loss of her life, she took it. When his fingers encircled hers, the sensations from earlier that day came rushing back. His calloused skin scraped against hers, making all of her nerves stand at attention, focused on him. Thoughts of how his hands would feel against her belly, her breasts, her thighs and she felt a tingle tease her core. He didn’t release her hand, instead pulled her closer to him, his arm sliding around her waist. “Be careful.”

“I am fine,” she said, but didn’t pull away, not when his hand felt so nice against her hip.

“Allow me this,” he murmured in her ear. “It is dangerous up here for even the most sure-footed of men.” She nodded, still focused on the heat coming from his side and seeping into her body. A part of her mind whispered that she should move away, that she did not need to lean against him so, but the instinct to survive had her relishing his support.

About the Author


Ellie Macdonald has held several jobs beginning with the letter t: taxi-driver, telemarketer and most recently, teacher. She is thankful her interests have shifted to writing instead of taxidermy or tornado chasing. Having travelled to five different continents, she has swum with elephants, scuba dived coral mazes, visited a leper colony and climbed waterfalls and windmills, but her favorite place remains Regency England. She currently lives in Ontario, Canada. The Governess Club series is her first published work.


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Red Pump Romance Reviews

NEW Red Pump Final2Not having read Miss Lorret before, I decided to take the time and start with book #1, Daring Miss Danvers. Start with a bit of sassy romance, add in a murder mystery, along with the authors wit and charm, and you get a great start to a wonderful series.

Book #2, Winning Miss Wakefield, includes a jilted/ruined wallflower, a vowed-to-remain-single rogue, and a scheme to bring the wallflower’s ‘true love’ back to her.

Finding Miss McFarland is the third novel in the Wallflower Wedding Series and the best of them all! Delaney is determined to marry for money, which shouldn’t be difficult given the sizeable dowry she brings to the table, despite the ‘incident’ at her debut ball. Her goal is independence and freedom – a marriage in ‘name only’. When Mr. Croft overhears her proposition to a notorious rake, he decides to step in. Fate seems to be on his side and the more they ‘happen’ to run into each other, the more he realizes that she could be the perfect solution to his own situation.

There’s a reason why Miss Lorret is on the USA Today bestseller list!  She does a great job of developing characters, as well as a secondary storyline that creates the perfect setup for her series. Her stories are full of sexy banter, deep emotion, and unexpected twists & turns. These are quick, ‘can’t put it down’ reads that will leave you warm and tingly. I’m glad I started at the beginning and read all three. At just $1.99 each, I suggest you start at the beginning, too. I can’t wait to read her newest trilogy, The Rakes of Fallow Hall, coming 2015!

5 Red Pumps

The full Wallflower Wedding Series gets FIVE Red Pumps!


Delaney McFarland is on the hunt for a husband—preferably one who needs her embarrassingly large dowry more than a dutiful wife. After the unspeakable incident at her debut, Delaney knows marrying for love is off the table, but a marriage of convenience—one that leaves her free to live the life she chooses—is the next best thing, never mind what that arrogant, devilishly handsome Mr. Croft thinks. Delaney plans to marry for money … or not at all.

Ever since the fiery redhead burst into his life—in a most memorable way—Griffin Croft hasn’t been able to get Miss McFarland out of his mind. Now, with the maddening woman determined to hand over her fortune to a rake, Griffin knows he must step in. He must help her. He must not kiss her. But when Griffin’s noble intentions flee in a moment of unexpected passion, his true course becomes clear: tame Delaney’s wild heart and save her from a fate worse than death … a life without love.


Miss Lorret is giving away a digital set of Daring Miss Danvers and Winning Miss Wakefield to one lucky commenter.

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Author Info

I fell in love with fairy tales and the romance behind happily ever after at a very young age. Like a lot of you, I tweaked the fables bit by bit in my imagination until they suited me perfectly. By the time I was eleven, a teacher encouraged me to start writing.

Throughout the years that followed, my teachers remained my most fervent supporters, giving me the tools I needed to continue my journey as a writer.

My husband and I have two teenage boys, who are heroes in their own right. For now, we live in a small Midwestern town near Lake Michigan…until a time in the future when a new adventure calls us to other shores.

I am currently working on my next novel, but I always enjoy hearing from my readers. Feel free to email me at

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