Thursday Thunder

More Than A Feeling by C.J. Carmichael

Cover_MoreThanAFeelingA dangerous twenty-year-old secret is about to be uncovered in the quaint Vermont town of Carol Falls, where not everyone is who they seem to be.

At first meeting, Spencer Frost appears to be a simple farmer who enjoys reading and quoting poetry. In fact he’s a criminal law attorney from Boston on sabbatical at Frost Family Farm. When he meets Robin Redmond, the lovely new sales clerk at the local independent bookstore, he has no idea he’s about to step into a drama to rival even his toughest legal case.

Robin moved to Carol Falls in pursuit of the man who destroyed her sister’s life. Driven to face him—as well as her own guilt about her sister–falling in love with Spencer is not part of her plans. But as they partner up to unravel the twisted truth behind the crime, she discovers love is the strongest weapon of all.

This is the fourth book in a small-town romance/cozy mystery series that began with The Frost Family Christmas trilogy. These three titles are:

Book 1: What Child Is This by C.J. Carmichael

Book2: Home For Christmas by Roxy Boroughs

Book 3: The Holly & The Ivy by Brenda M. Collins.


This post is part of a virtual book tour organized by Goddess Fish Promotions. The author will be awarding an E-copy of “Frost Family Christmas Anthology” – which includes the first 3 books in the Frost Family & Friends Series as well as a bonus short story – to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour. Click on the tour banner to see the other stops on the tour. Remember, the more stops you visit, the more chances you earn to win.

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I hope you enjoy the excerpt:

(From Chapter Two)

Robin turned on the radio. Loud.

She did not want to think about the magical evening she’d just had. The wagon ride, the stars, the nice Frost family, Spencer whispering poetry in her ear, then looking at her like he wanted to kiss her when they were finally alone.

Worst of all had been the seedling of hope that had awoken in her heart. That she could be happy. Maybe even, one day, loved. And, most of all—normal.

It was like an early April Fool’s joke. She’d been completely taken in. Despite the signs to the contrary—his upper crust accent, his unhardened hands—she’d thought Spencer was a poetry-loving farmer, a modern-day Robert Frost.

Only to find out he was an advocate for the sort of criminal who had stolen her family from her. He defended the bad guys, getting them off, twisting the evidence to try and make victims look guilty, fighting for shorter sentences and arguing mitigating circumstances.

He was the champion of men like the one she hated most in the world.

Intellectually Robin understood that the justice system required those charged with a crime to have an advocate and a fair hearing. But emotionally, she simply couldn’t deal with it.

Robin pulled over to the side of the road. She must have been driving in autopilot. Somehow she’d passed the heart of Carol Falls, traveled over the covered bridge, down Red Bridge Avenue to the Fix-It Shop.

It was a narrow, two-story wooden building on the south side of the highway, hemmed in on one side by a pawn shop and a vacant building on the other. Further down the strip was a glass repair shop, a garage and a car dealership.

Beyond the strip of shops was a residential area with small homes on small lots for people who couldn’t afford the more expensive homes in Carol Falls proper.

She’d already figured out that there was an apartment over the Fix-It Shop where the McGuires lived. At least one light was on up there now. She could imagine Alistair in an overstuffed chair, feet up on a stool, reading The Brothers Karamazov. Maybe he’d be sipping a cup of tea, or a brandy, with classical music playing softly in the background.

But what about his brother?

The other McGuire, she simply could not imagine. Since she’d arrived in Carol Falls, she hadn’t caught a glimpse of him. Did he ever leave the apartment? Surely his years spent in prison must have made him yearn for his freedom. But so far she’d seen no sign of him enjoying it.

No sign of him at all. The only reason she knew he was living here was because, as she was the sole surviving family member of his victim, the authorities had notified her of Allan McGuire’s release and intention to live and work in Carol Falls with his brother.

If Robin had been a normal person with a life of her own, she probably would have filed the information under “better off forgotten.” But she wasn’t “normal.” And she didn’t have much of a life, either. Since her mother’s death in September, she’d been barely hanging on to her job at the big chain bookstore in the mall near her home. She had zero social life. And no interests other than running and cycling—both solitary pursuits.

She wished she could have found the strength to leave Vermont. Strike out someplace totally new, with her only concern being making the most of the future before her.

Instead, the idea of Allan McGuire, free to start over when her own family had been destroyed, had festered in her brain. She thought of him constantly, wondering if he had regrets. Did he ever think of Faye? Of the rest of them?

Most importantly of all—was he going to hurt another innocent child?


National bestseller, CJ Carmichael, has published over 35 novels and has twice been nominated for a RITA award. She likes to write stories about romance, family and intrigue, usually in small town or rural settings. She’s currently working on the next book in “The Carrigans of the Circle C” trilogy for Tule Publishing, as well the next “Frost Family & Friends” cozy mystery/romance for a multi-author series set in Carol Falls, Vermont.

When it’s time to take a break from the computer, she heads to the Rocky Mountains near her home in Calgary where she lives with her partner Michael. If you’d like to learn more about her books, sign up for her newsletter on her website: . (C.J. likes to reward her loyal readers on this list with regular draws for free, autographed books.)

Facebook: authorcjcarmichael

Twitter: cj_carmichael

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