12 Days of Christmas

On the 8th Day of Christmas … I have another title perfect for the holiday season.

Building a ChristmasBuilding a Christmas – Patricia Bond

Colonel Nathaniel Walker has been ravaged by the Civil War nearly as much as his country has. Now he seeks the sanctuary of home, hoping to find solace from the dreams that haunt him most nights. Instead, he finds an orphanage for war orphans has sprung up next door. Now, his guilt has faces – fourteen of them. And the woman who cares for them. Melanie Treymont exhibits more courage under fire than any soldier he’s ever seen. Is she the one who can help him rebuild his life and finally put his demons to rest?

Melanie Treymont hopes to make amends for her dead husband’s actions by taking responsibility for fourteen war orphans. But facing eviction, she may have to give up her plans of building a life for them. Help comes from an unexpected source, as her neighbor, Colonel Nathaniel Walker, steps up to the challenge, despite fighting his own inner battles.

These two tortured souls unite for the children, working to build a life for them as well as themselves. They start by Building a Christmas.

By Loves Honor boundPatricia Bond is also the author of By Love’s Honor Bound, exclusive on Amazon.

You can find out more about Patricia at her website, PatriciaBond.com

For today’s drawing, I’m giving away a copy of By Love’s Honor Bound. Simply go to her website and tell us one fact about Patricia.  Anything you find interesting about her. I’ll post the winner tomorrow.

Merry Christmas!

2 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas

  1. I must say her childhood vision of life as a grown up is hilarious – “a dozen kids and solitude”. Good luck with that.


  2. Ms. Bond lives in the best place on earth – Western New York – not quite close enough to see the waterfront, but close enough that you’ll often find her there, camera and notebook in hand, patient, hero-inspiring husband nearby

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