What’s New Wednesday

It’s a holiday week, so hopefully today is everyone’s Friday. With celebration in mind, we’ll have two posts today. First, is a brand new contemporary romance by Kathryn Maeglin.

Welcome, Kathryn, and thank you for stopping by.

Kathryn:  I have good news for YOU, dear reader. The e-publishing revolution means there are now more books that combine genres. For example, if you like books that blend romance and mystery, you may have had difficulty finding such books in the past. That’s because publishers usually preferred books that fit neatly into just one genre category—for ease of marketing, shelving, etc.

Now that there are many more publishing options, books that blur the genre lines have a much better chance of finding their way to you. My new novel A Hunka Hunka Nursing Love is a good example of one that straddles genre boundaries. Technically, it’s women’s fiction, meaning it focuses primarily on the woman’s journey. But it also includes quite a bit of romance. Here’s a brief description:

Hunka CoverA Hunka Hunka Nursing Love

Imagine a visiting-nurse service with hot young guys as caregivers. What golden girl wouldn’t dig that?

Valerie Palka is a savvy businesswoman who is obsessed with keeping her elderly mom, Helen, safe from all the lethal disasters that can befall widows living alone. Helen thinks the workaholic Valerie should focus on having as much luck in the bedroom as she does in the boardroom. But when Helen takes a spill and is rushed to the ER, a handsome male nurse, Keith Nuber, strikes her fancy, and she tells her daughter, “If you could get a handsome devil like that to take care of me, I’d be willing to consider it.” So Valerie creates a care agency, Home Health Hunks, staffed by attractive younger men.

Valerie’s idea is filled with potential … and potholes. As she navigates the tricky road to satisfying her mom as well as her own ambition, she finds herself falling for one of her employees—Keith—and is forced to examine her beliefs about the true meaning of success.

As you can see, this novel will appeal not only to those who can relate to the challenges of caring for an aging parent, but also those who enjoy some spicy romance, all delivered with a touch of humor. Life doesn’t always fit into categories. Why should our fiction have to?

Whatever you enjoy reading, I hope the new publishing landscape will open up wonderful vistas for you to explore. Bon voyage!

Author bio: Kathryn Maeglin started her writing career as a journalist who ended up creating award-winning sections for women. She loves talking with women, hearing their stories, and sharing their struggles and joys. She also thinks a sense of humor is crucial to enduring in this crazy world. So when she began writing novels, humorous women’s fiction seemed like the ideal fit, especially when served with a dollop of romance. She also thinks the greatest pairing of all time was chocolate and peanut butter. You can learn more about Kathryn at www.kathrynmaeglin.com.

A Hunka Hunka Nursing Love is available exclusively on Amazon. Grab your copy today and I hope you enjoy a long, holiday weekend!

Leave a comment for Kathryn, then stop back by this afternoon and find out how you can enter to win a GC from Amazon.


2 thoughts on “What’s New Wednesday

  1. I remember in November of 2004 I had my first ER visit ever. Since the nature of my visit involved a dislocated elbow from a fall the use of my left arm was severely limited at best. Because the pain meds had to be delivered in my butt, getting my jeans back up was not going to happen by myself. I’d never had a male nurse before and of course mine was gorgeous. I’m sure it was all in a day’s work for him, but I can remember to this day how incredibly sexy it felt when he walked around behind me, put his arms around my waist and helped me finish pulling up my jeans and zipping them for me! Best ER visit ever 🙂

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