Spring’s Surprise – Launch Week

dreamstimefree_113790Day Two

Is anyone other than me getting excited about Spring’s Surprise going on sale tomorrow? I hope so.

I can’t wait for you to read Sara and Jack’s story. It’s a testament to love and never giving up on finding it.

If you want a sneak peek, check out the excerpt under the Music City Hearts tab above.

Speaking of excitement, congratulations to Toni James for winning yesterday’s contest. I’ll be sending out your gift card later today – be looking for it in your email.

By now, you probably realize that I love flowers. They don’t have to be exotic, I enjoy the simple $3.99 arrangement from the grocery store. I just love having a fresh splash of color on the kitchen table. It makes me smile.

So, today’s contest has to do with flowers.  What is your favorite? Tell us why if you like. Do you have a garden? Do you plant bulbs in the fall and your yard turns into a garden oasis in the spring? Or do you love hanging baskets and pre-mixed arrangements that bring beauty to the patio?

Leave a comment, tell your friends, spread the word.  And check back tomorrow (launch day) to see who won a $10 gift card from Starbucks.

3 thoughts on “Spring’s Surprise – Launch Week

  1. Yesterday I talked a bit about my irises and I was so happy to see that you asked about flowers today! My irises are a combination of yellow irises and purple irises that grow wild here. Both the purple and the yellow started off as gifts from people who knew how much I loved color in my garden. I have transplanted them into a beautiful rock garden. I also have traditional bulb irises that I received from a client’s wife. This massage client was terminal and the family was overwhelmed with medical bills. A friend of mine who owned a spa in town told me about him and asked if I would help, by volunteering my massage services to the man. Of course, I couldn’t say no and worked on him several times to ease his pain before he passed away. The following Spring his wife dug up an divided several of her prize winning irises and gave some of the rhizomes to me and my friend as a thank you for our services over the months. They are now a living tribute to him in my rock garden and he is forever in my memory because of them. I’ve always thought it was a beautiful way to be remembered.

  2. I love daisys. My favorite though is honeysuckle. My grandma had honeysuckle bushes by her front yard and we would swing in her porch swing when I was about 6 or 7 and look at the stars and whenever I smell honeysuckle today I think of her.

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