Need Your Vote On iBook Buzz


What a great way to start off the week. I just received notice that Winter’s Magic has been nominated for the December Winter Theme Book of the Month on iBook Buzz, a book club that reaches all 50 states, 58 countries and 6 continents.


I need your vote and your friends’ votes. I hope you’ll help me spread the word.

Just go to iBook Buzz – on the homepage you’ll see my cover, along with two other book nominations. In the left column, click on the icon ‘Vote’. YOU CAN ONLY VOTE ONCE. On November 23rd, the winner will be announced and become December’s Book of the Month.

7 thoughts on “Need Your Vote On iBook Buzz

  1. Voted for you – your in the lead:
    Vote for favorite:
    Playing Dead(10) 14%
    Winter’s Magic(38) 54%
    White Tiger(23) 32%

    71 total votes since 11/04/12
    Poll ends: 11/20/12

    Best of luck!

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