Wonderful Wednesday

We had such a great response yesterday, that I’ve decided to post another quiz today. Anyone game?

I thought you might like that.

Today’s question is going to take just a little more work. But I’m going to give away 3 $5 Starbucks gift cards.

Here we go:  You’ll have to visit either Amazon or Barnes & Noble to get the answer. Both places have the ‘look inside’ option.  When Nick leaves La Bella Vita day spa and heads toward his grandfather’s estate, he can’t get his mind off Beth. Right before he turns into the driveway, he’s remembering, “And when he shook her hand and those beautiful ________ eyes met his … ”

Check it out and send a ‘contact me’ message with the correct answer to enter. I’ll announce the winners on Thursday morning.

Have fun and Good Luck!

*By entering, winners grant permission for the use of your name on my website, Facebook Fan Page, Twitter and any other print or electronic media, regardless of format.

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