Terrific Tuesday Contest Winners

First, thank you for all of the wonderful responses and good luck wishes.  We did have more than 20 entries, so I’ve randomly picked 5 winners:

Yesterday’s contest question was, “Tell me the name of the restaurant Nick invites Beth to.”  The right answer was Carlino’s.

The winners are … (drum roll please)

Jan Surban, Starla Young, Sara Campbell, Ann Quinn, and Sherry Fundin.

Each of you need to send me another ‘contact me’ message with your addresses so I can mail you a swag pack.

Thank you again for the great response turnout – please spread the word and stay tuned for today’s new contest.

2 thoughts on “Terrific Tuesday Contest Winners

  1. Cynthia: I’m so thrilled to be a winner!!!! Thank you so very much! My address is 29450 Jenkins Farm Rd., Loxley, AL 36551 Looking forward to some great reading!

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