Terrific Tuesday Contest

Everybody likes to win prizes, right?
In preparation for Friday’s on-line launch party on Facebook, I’m going to hold a small contest on my website today.

How to enter?  It’s easy. Go to the Music City Hearts Series tab above and read the excerpt. Then jump over to the Contact Me tab and send me a message. Tell me the name of the restaurant Nick invites Beth to.

That’s it!

I will draw at the end of the day for 3 swag packs.  If entries exceed 20, I’ll increase the giveaway to 5 swag packs. So, tell your friends and coworkers.

Want a bonus entry? If you’ve bought the book, I’ve got a bonus question that will earn you an extra entry in the drawing. Simply go to the end of the book – a sample of the first chapter of Spring’s Surprise is included.  Tell me what the first line of dialogue says in your ‘contact me message’.

Have fun and Good Luck!

*By entering, winners grant permission for the use of your name on my website, Facebook Fan Page, Twitter and any other print or electronic media, regardless of format.

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